Winter Chimney Safety and Saving

//Winter Chimney Safety and Saving

Winter Chimney Safety and Saving

Clean out chimneys and block unused ones. Not only are unswept chimneys potentially dangerous, increasing the risk of chimney fires, they prevent the efficient burning of fuels. If you burn logs regularly on your open fire, you should have your chimney swept twice a year ( Woodburning stoves are more forgiving, but should still be swept regularly.
If yours is one of the growing number of homes keeping warm with a Woodburner, make sure that there is enough ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Invest in a Monitor if you don’t have one.  (All new stove installations are required to have one fitted.)
Unused chimneys create draughts by sucking warm air out of a room. Block them with old jumpers or one of the new range of wool felt products now available.  But, don’t forget to remove them on Christmas Eve!


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