Storing Wood

//Storing Wood

Storing Wood

When storing wood its important to take a few things into consideration:

How much space?

Think about how you are going to use your wood and what kind you are you going to buy. Do you want to do all your own drying/seasoning yourself? If you are thinking about this you will need approximately 2 years drying time. Otherwise you can buy ‘ready to burn’ logs such as kiln dried logs below 25% moisture content.

How to store?

Make sure the logs are cut up into short lengths – ideally 25cm and most importantly split to increase the surface area and speed up drying. You must store the logs, stacked neatly under cover and in a store which allows maximum airflow from all sides and with the logs off the ground. Putting a sheet over your stack of logs is not ideal as it does not allow sufficient airflow across the top of the logs.



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