Open Fires & Stoves

Always make sure you maintain your open fire or stove to decrease your risk of chimney fire. The main points to remember if you have an open fire or stove is to: Keep chimneys and flues clean - make sure your chimney is swept regularly according to the type of fuel you use smokeless fuels,


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (CO) gas is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. Heating appliances fuelled by coal, smokeless fuel, wood, oil and gas can cause CO poisoning if installed incorrectly, or if they are not regularly maintained. Symptoms of CO poisoning can include tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, chest pains, nausea and flu like symptoms. You can


Importance of sweeping your gas fire

One problem that we see regularly and causes the most worry with regard to potential danger is that  gas fires are often connected to flues that haven't been swept for a long time. Sometimes we are called to properties because of the amount of debris that has fallen down the chimney has resulted in the fire stopping working


Power Chimney Sweeping

Here at Oakbrook Chimney Services we offer a reliable and efficient chimney sweeping service. We have always used the traditional method of brush and vacuum but  we now offer power sweeping. Power sweeping is a cleaner, faster and gentler way to sweep your chimney. The power sweeper removes all soot, debris and tar from your chimney liner.


Spring Chimney Sweeping!

Spring is just round the corner and there is no better time to think about having your chimney swept. No doubt you will have been using your fire constantly throughout the winter months but slowly will be using them less as the weather improves. Here at Oakbrook Chimney Services we only have registered, qualified and