Cleaning Your Stove Glass

//Cleaning Your Stove Glass

Cleaning Your Stove Glass

The glass on your wood burning stove can quickly become dirty and impossible to see through. This really depends on what you are burning and if the wood you are using contains a lot of resin. Try to only use dry, untreated wood. There are various tried and tested methods of cleaning the glass and it needn’t be a hard task. You can try the traditional method of making ash paste and cleaning the glass with a damp cloth, which works very well.

We have also recently found a great product made by TROLLULL. These are dry cleaning pads and are very fast and effective. You simply wipe the sooty glass with the dry pad, it has woven fabric which absorbs the soot and dirt. You simply then knock off the soot and the pad can be used several times, with no need to rinse.

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