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Chimney Lining

If you already have an existing chimney, you may need your chimney lining. This basically means lining the inside of your chimney with another chimney – or flue.
The integrity of your chimney can be ascertained by performing a smoke test and this in turn will determine whether you need your chimney lined.
Having your chimney lined guarantees safety and increases the efficiency of your wood burning or multi fuel stove – which in the long run costs you less.
Your chimney can be lined in a variety of forms but the most cost efficient and common form is a stainless steel continuous flue liner. The quality of these liners can vary substantially although we prefer to install liners which have a long term warranty.
There are different grades or type of liner, depending on the grade of stainless steel used. The higher number has a higher nickel content which in turn offers a higher heat resistance. This liner is more expensive and has a significantly longer warranty.


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