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We offer professional chimney lining services to customers throughout Sheffield, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire. Call us now on 0800 779 7030.

Solving Your Chimney Problems

Chimney Lining is a very simple solution to several chimney problems:

  • The existing flue may be leaking smoke and fumes through the brickwork and forcing their way into the home.
  • Possible staining from the tar within the chimney may be affecting the plasterwork of the building.
  • The fire may be experiencing a poor pull. The existing flue may be too large, allowing cool air to mix with the hot rising smoke which prevents the fumes from leaving the chimney.
  • These problems can easily be rectified by adding a chimney liner, which are most commonly flexible stainless steel pipes. They are inserted inside the existing chimney and encased in insulation. This simple method could solve a whole host of problems and provide safety to you and your family.

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Oakbrook Chimney Services offers a free survey of your fire and chimney and would be happy to advise you on the options that would be available.

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