Chimney Fire Prevention

//Chimney Fire Prevention

Chimney Fire Prevention

There a four reasons for chimney fires – infrequent sweeping and cleaning,  burning unseasoned and wet wood,  overnight burning or smouldering of wood for long periods in stoves, and improper appliance sizing.

To reduce the risk you should

  • Have your chimney/flue swept on a regular basis – see Oakbrook’s Blog on “Open fires and stoves” for a cleaning regime as recommended by the Derbyshire Fire Authority
  • Choose the correct size appliance – Oakbrook’s Certified Engineers can advise and install
  • Make sure wood fuel has a low moisture content of less than 17%
  • Not overload a stove or  grate – have smaller fires that burn completely and produce less smoke
  • Regularly have hot fires – once a day to dry out any tar built up in the chimney
  • Never burn cardboard or waste paper
  • Never use petrol or paraffin on a fire
  • Store fuel away from an open fire or stove 

All property owners have a responsibility to maintain flues and chimneys on their property.  Evidence of a regularly maintained chimney by a certified chimney engineer will support any insurance claim in the event of chimney incidents.

Oakbrook Chimney Services will provide a certificate of cleansing following each visit.



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