Birds Nests Removal

//Birds Nests Removal

Birds Nests Removal

One of the first indications that a bird is making a home in your chimney is the presence of twigs in the fireplace. Most commonly, jackdaws or starlings like to nest in chimneys.
A bird creates a nest in a chimney by dropping nesting material down the flue until it stops, then building up from there. Therefore it is possible to have the entire flue filled with nesting materials. 
The nest needs to be broken up and removed from the base of the flue. It is not necessary to break into the chimney to remove a birds nest.
Fitting a chimney cap on a disused flue or a cowl/bird guard to a flue that’s in use will prevent birds from nesting in it in the future as it is likely if a bird has nested in the chimney one year it will very likely return the following year.
A blocked chimney may result in smoke or lethal Carbon Monoxide coming into your home. or even cause a chimney fire. So, keeping your chimney clear of blockages is really important!


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